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About the Farm

In the year 2002, after 75 years of successful agricultural business, we changed our name to Hacienda Rosalila, inspired by the beauty of the Rosalila Temple, located in ancient city of Copan. Rosalila is an Early Classic temple built around AD 571 by "Moon Jaguar," the city's 10th leader. It is wholly intact and covered with the most elaborate facade decoration yet discovered at Copan Our logo illustrate the mask of God Gi (sun-god) located on the lower level of the temple.

Hacienda Rosalila is located in the western region of Honduras just minutes from Copan Ruins, The climate where the hacienda is located, is perfectly suited for growing coffee and is surrounded by high mountains engulfed in mist forests and native fauna.

The plantations are sheltered by the shade of the clush forest, preserving fauna and flora. During harvest season, October thru February, only fruit that has reached the optimum degree of ripeness is picked and immediately delivered and processed in our new wet mill to guarantee the highest quality.

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